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Shell Beach by Singapore Travel Photographer Yew Kwang

Featured Photo: Shell Beach

Located in the world heritage site Shark Bay Region

Featured Photo: Dramatic Cloud

Was at the roof top of Youth Hostel Sydney shooting


I love watching at buskers, or any street performers

Monkey Mia of Western Australia

Featured Photo: Tranquil

Monkey Mia – located about 900km north of Perth

Sydney Opera House

Featured Photo: Sydney Opera House

Went over the Sydney Opera house after shooting the

Man Feeding Seagulls

Featured Photo: Feeding

Saw this man who  brought a packet of bread and

Light Trail outside Flinders train station of Melbourne

Featured Photo: Light Trails at Flinders Street Station

The daily feature photo is light trails taken outside

Street photo of people

Featured Photo: Stranger?

Today feature photo is a dual-tone image –

Emu Downs Wind Farm

Featured Photo: Emu Downs Wind Farm

Our daily feature photo for today is an image of Emu