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About Me

Photography is my passion and I love to travel, I feel alive when I travel!

I have a studio based in Singapore and I make a living through all kinds of photography assignments.

Travel is what I love to do and hopefully to do it full time one day!

I never seriously get into “travel” until the year 2009 when I met a friend who love to travel too.  Our very first trip was to Phuket of Thailand followed by another trip to Perth of Australia and from then onward, I am “addicted” to travelling.  Knowing that I started a bit late, I try to make a point to travel  at least 3-4 times a year.  My first solo trip was to Hong Kong  and it gives me confidence that I can “survive” alone in a foreign country.  At the same time, I learn to enjoy the “luxury of freedom” in travelling alone.  I still enjoy travelling with companions but just that sometime it is really hard to plan due to individual work schedule.

Photography give me a valid reason, or should I say “an excuse” to travel.  I have a personal website  for selling travel photos and stock images which helps to finance part of my travel expenses.  My work can also be purchased as FINE ART PRINTS in various large format ready for wall mount, as greeting cards and even as customized printing on phone casing.

I am currently available for assignments in the travel and tourism sector, both in Singapore and overseas.