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Featured Photo – First Sunset in Cambodia

The very first sunset that I caught in Seam Reap of Cambodia.

After checking into the hotel in Siem Reap at 415pm, I hire a tuk tuk driver to bring me to the ticket office at Angkor Wat.  The ticket counter to purchase tickets for the subsequent days opens at 4:45pm and with the ticket, you are allow to enter the temple free of charge after 5pm on the day itself.

One of the favorite spot in Angkor Wat for sunset is Phnom Bakheng which is about 5 minutes journey by tuk tuk from the ticket counter.  The walk up the hill takes about another 15 minutes and I arrived at 5:10pm.  Entry to Phnom Bakheng is restricted to 300 people at any one time.  There was already a long queue, estimated to be more than 200 people.  Since not many people at leaving the temple, the chances of entering before sunset is quite slim.  I decided to go onto the platform near the entrance to the temple to get the sunset shot instead.  There was already a large number of people sitting around with camera in their hands, patiently waiting for the sun to set. I manage to find a spot, though not ideal, to setup my tripod and getting ready to snap.

As the sun lower, the sky turn to orange and with an amazingly clear sky, the sunset was magical.   Instead of just focusing on the sun, I zoom out to include the forest and trees which form a nice silhouette framing the perfect sunset.  What a good way to start the trip!

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng of Siem Reap Cambodia

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