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Featured Photo – On the eve of Lunar New Year

It was exactly a year ago, on the Lunar New Year’s Eve when I was alone trekking on this snow-capped mountain, known as Triund Hill, in Dharamshala.

The snowfall caught me by surprise after two hours of trekking.  Without knowing how far more to reach the top, I was contemplating to make a U-turn.  The foot path was covered with fresh snow and I was not even sure if I was walking on the right path.  It took me another hour before I reach the peak and was elated to finally see some people.

I end up having my “reunion dinner”, consist of Maggie mee and omelette, with a group of strangers, inside a room kept warm using firewood.  The year of goat was ushered in with me enclosed and shivering in a sleeping bag .  It was definitely not the most comfortable way to welcome the new year, but it is the most memorable one!

Wishing everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year, may the year of Monkey be blessed with good health and fortune!

Snow Capped Triund Hill

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