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Featured Photo – Have you spotted him?

A white bearded man at Jain Temple of Jaisalmer

If you have ever been to Jaisalmer of Rajasthan and you have not spotted this white-bearded man, chances is that your trip is not complete…

While I was searching for information on Jaisalmer and reading travel blogs, the image of this man keep appearing, he surely must be an icon of the city!

So who is he?  He is the person who is guiding the entrance to Jain temple inside the fort and I always see him whenever I walk past the temple.  Many tourists were attracted by his long white beard and would approach him for a picture or two, after which they give him some token as apprecation.

I was looking down from the roof top of the guest house where I was staying and saw two guys sitting down, drinking tea and chatting with each other.  He immediately caught my attention and that is when I decided to pull out the Fuji XC50-230mm and snap this photo from a distance.

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