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Featured Photo – Fisheye view of Hawa Mahal

One of the most prominent architecture in Jaipur – Hawa Mahal or in English translation “Palace of winds”. It was build more than two centuries ago in 1799, in the form of the crown of the Hindu god, Krishna. The five-storey exterior consist of 953 small windows with the original intention to allow the royal women to observe street festival without been seen from outside. The building is constructed with red and pink sandstone and sits on the edge of the City Palace.

Almost every visitors of Jaipur will make a point to visit the palace, or at least make a stop on the street to photograph this architecture. It was almost impossible to find a unique view to showcase this building.

This photograph, was taken in the early morning before the bus loads of visitors arrived. I waited a while for people to move away from the front, before quickly snapping this with the Fuji mirrorless X-T10 and Samyang 8mm fisheye lens.

The image was featured on instagram “Streets of India” which attracted a lot of interest from their followers.

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