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Featured Photo: Trekking to Chandratal Lake from Batal

Sharing some information on the trekking routes to Chandratal Lake at Himachal Pradesh District of India.  There are two options available:

The first is to start from Kunzum Pass and walk about 12 km.  It will takes about 4 hours to reach Chandratal Lake.  Note that this route has no option for you to hitchhike vehicle along the way.  It is consider the easier route if you intend to trek all the way to the lake since the distance is shorter and generally down slope. I will elaborate more on this route in my later post.

The second option is to start from Batal, walk uphill and reach the entrance to the trekking path.  This route is longer at about 14 km and is a tougher option.  At the beginning part, you will have to overcome a steep slope going up.  However, this is also the road where the vehicles drive in and therefore there is a high chances for you to hitchhike a vehicle to bring you to as near as 1 km from the lake!

The image below show the start of the trek from Batal.  At somewhere near the center of the image where the river is, there is a metal bridge and next to it is the place where the public bus will drop you off.   From there, you will have to walk up the zig-zag road until you reach the top (the left side of the image).  This is the entrance with a signboard showing “14km to Chandratal Lake”.  As mentioned earlier, the road you see on the photo is the steepest and toughest, the rest of the trek after this is quite gentle.  This route will lead you to the tent side before reaching the lake.  If you are planning to stay overnight at the tent side, it may be a good option to use this route so that you can drop off you backpack or luggage before heading to the lake!

Trekking Route to Chandratal Lake from Batal

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