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Featured Photo: Sleeper Train

Travelling from Beijing to Pingyao ancient city, one of the best option is to take the overnight sleeper train to Taiyuan before transferring to a local mini bus.  The train make a couple of stops during the journey but not many people will alight, so its fairly quiet and peaceful throughout the night.

The lowest deck is the most expensive since it is the most spacious and convenient.  However from my observation, people from the middle and upper deck like to sit on the edge of the bed at the lowest deck to chit-chat or while putting on and removing their shoes so it can be quite disturbing for some people.  The  price of the middle deck is average while the upper deck is the cheapest.  It is so close to the ceiling you practically has to crawl onto the mattress and can’t sit up at all but of course you have the most privacy!  In my opinion, I think middle deck is the most ideal and that is where I slept.

There are folder tables and chairs along the aisle for commuters to eat, drinks or do some reading.  Boiled water is available at the end of the carriage for making hot drinks and cooking instant noodles.

The bed is only about 2 feet (60cm) wide so there is really not much space to manoeuvre throughout the night but despite having to sleep in a very confined area, I actually enjoy and miss the sleeper train!

Sleeper Train

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