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I love watching at buskers, or any street performers in general term.  I can simply watch them for the whole day it is never enough.  I vaguely recall from my travel to Sydney more than 15 years ago that Circular Quay at Sydney is a heaven for buskers so I head there immediately after dropping off my luggage in the hostel.   There were many of them and all were putting up their best show despite the soaring heat.  Buskers are very dedicated people and I admire their perseverance.  I personally feel that there are some similarities between a fine art photographer and a busker.  For buskers, they carry out their own performance and at the end of the show, the audience who appreciate their effort and enjoy the show will reward them with applause and money.  As a fine art photographer (or some call it fine art artist), we took pictures, process it to our own satisfaction and display them, waiting for someone who can appreciate the photograph and purchase them.

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