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Road Trip to Penang from Singapore by Bus

Travelling to Penang from Singapore by bus is one of the options other than flying there, the road journey takes about 10 hours. You can get your bus ticket from Golden Mile Complex at Beach road, just walk into any of the travelling agencies on the ground floor facing the main road.  Most buses to Penang depart at night around 10pm, there are also buses that leave the morning 10am but less frequent.  The ticket cost around S$45 for one way or S$85 for two ways, depending on the type of buses you choose.  My advice is that just buy a one way ticket will do, it is much cheaper to buy the return ticket from Penang itself  (as you pay in Malaysia Ringgit) and at the same time will have the flexibility on your return schedule.  I am glad I didn’t buy the “discounted” two ways ticket, I end up making a stop at Malacca for a day before heading back to Singapore. I choose to take the bus at night which depart at 10pm from Golden Mile Complex.  I was advised to reach there at half an hour earlier, register with the travel agency and was given the bus plate number, after which I proceed to the end of the complex and wait for the bus.IMG_3035The bus travel to Woodland causeway checkpoint, where you need to alight and walk through the Singapore immigration (just bring your passport and valuables will do, leave your heavy luggage on the bus).  Going through the custom was a breeze, it took only less than 5 minutes and I am back on the bus again.  The bus will bring you across the causeway to the Malaysia immigration and this time round, you have to alight and bring all the luggage with you.  I was surprised that there wasn’t much people in the queue and again it took me less than 5 minutes to clear the custom. The bus make its first stop about 2 hours into journey.  There is a canteen where you can grab some snacks and drinks and most important for me, the pre-paid card for my phone.  Your passport is needed to purchase the pre-paid card so remember to bring it along.  If you are not sure which card (or plan) to get, just ask the salesman at the counter, they will advise you base on your requirement, whether it is for data usage, voice call or both.  For me, I need mainly for data (whatsapp, web surfing, google map, instagram, facebook…..) so I get the RM25 prepaid with 1GB data for up to 30 days.  If you are using nano sim card, remember to ask them to trim the card for you and insert it into your device to make sure it works.  And don’t forget to go for you toilet break too!IMG_3066The bus make another short break about an hour later at a petrol kiosk around Petaling where you can have your toilet break too.IMG_3076After that, the bus head all the way to butterworth at Penang, you can alight if you have chosen to stay at Butterworth instead of George Town.  If not, prepare for a “scenic” drive across the Penang bridge, stay awake and get your camera ready, there are some nice spot along the way. The journey across the 13.5km bridge takes close to 10 minutes!!IMG_3101IMG_3100The bus I took arrive at 9am in Sungai Nibong bus terminal , which is about 15 minutes local bus journey away from the “domestic” Komtar bus terminal (near George town).  When you alight from the bus at Sungai Nibong bus terminal, cross over the the other lane and catch the local Rapid bus 401 to Komtar (RM2) or to its bus terminal at Weld Quay.  Take note the bus accept cash and they don’t provide small change, so make sure you have small notes on hand!IMG_3103That’s about it, feel free to leave your comment or drop me a message if you need more information, thank you for reading!

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