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Featured Photo: Sleeping Dog

Our daily feature photo for today is “Sleeping Dog” taken at Kenting Beach, Southern part of Taiwan.

I was walking towards the beach in the early morning with a packet of food looking for a place to sit down, had my breakfast and enjoy the breeze.  The moment I step onto the beach,  a number of dogs immediately surrounded me staring right at the bag of food in my hand.   From the far distance, there were more dogs approaching and knowing that I probably won’t be able to feed and satisfy all of them, I withdraw back to the road side until they finally leave me alone.  Once I finish my breakfast, I grab my camera and went to the beach again.  The dogs immediately rush forward but once they realize there aren’t any more food with me, they disperse and look for other “target” I spotted this dog whose was lazing around and decide to decided to capture some pictures of it from far.  As I walk closer, it remain in the same position except to open its eyes, look at me and went back to nap again.  I continue to take more pictures of it and move so close until I can use my macro lens to take its paws.  Somehow, I really envy the dog who can enjoy this wonderful sea view everyday!

Sleeping Dog at Kenting

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