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Featured Photo: A Game of Chess

Pingyao Night Scenery

A street view at night in the Pingyao county of central Shanxi province, China.  Pingyao lies about 715 km from Beijing and 80 km from its provincial capital Taiyuan.   It was a financial centre during the Qing Dynasty with history dated back to 2700 years.  As one of the best preserved ancient cities inhabited by 50,000 residents, it is also renowned for its ancient city wall and is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The image was taken on the main street in the late evening.  As the tourist stroll along after dinner,  the store owners set up their chess board on the floor and  pit their wits against each other.  The men are so engrossed in the game that the occasional stare by the passer-by doesn’t seems to make them take their eyes off the game board.

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