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Featured Photo: Misty Path

Daily Feature Photo - Misty Path by Journey-to-Reminisce

Our first daily feature photo is Misty Path, taken during my first trip to Taiwan at Sun Moon Lake.  The weather wasn’t too kind to me,  it has beem drizzling over the night but it didn’t stop me from waking up early to try my luck and see if I could catch the sunrise.  The moment I was out of the hotel, I knew there is zero chances but i still continue to proceed up the hill.   After walking for about an hour, just when I was about to head back, I was rewarded with a beautiful path that was covered with red leaves on both side!  A good friend of mine saw this picture and she told me she can visualize herself walking on the path.

A little side note.. the reason for choosing this photo as the first daily feature is that it symbolize a new journey – one which I hope is filled with challenges, surprises and rewards!

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